WireMax - High Density Tracked Shelving

WireMax - High Density Tracked Shelving

WireMax Intro

WireMax provides more accessible and functional storage with a smaller footprint
over standard shelving systems. 

The system allows us to customise a solution to best fit your space requirements.
More storage units to fit in a defined space.

Unique features of our WireMax system:

  • The weight of the mobile units are guided by the top and supported by
    the bottom runners to significantly reduce the push-pull weight loading.
  • Units consist of static and multiple mobile units. Various configurations
    can be utilised to maximize your available space.
  • WireMax provides an increase in the storage capacity of a given area
    by up to 30 - 40% over traditional static units.

Contact us to work out the best solution for your facility.

WireMax Layouts

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